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Industrial & Safety Tools & Supplies at Wholesale and in Bulk

Whether you are a homeowner or in the industrial business, be sure to shop for quality industrial and safety tools at everyday discounted prices. We carry everything from replacement blades to tool boxes and bins to cordless screwdrivers and putty knives. Whatever tools you are in the market for, you can be certain we proudly offer quality tools at discount prices.

When shopping for replacement blades for your utility knives, we have a variety of brands and types to choose from with razor-sharp blades that will effectively get the job done in no time. Carrying preferred brand names such as X-Acto and Stanley, you can be sure you are receiving quality tools at a great price.

Our cordless screwdrivers allow the user limitless use without the hassle of a power cord. Compact, portable and dependable, our cordless screwdrivers can take on even the most demanding industrial tasks with ease.

Do you need somewhere to put all of your tools? Check out our tool boxes and bins to safely and neatly store your tools that easily can be lost. Never misplace another tool or accessory again or waste precious time searching for it. With our organizing tool boxes and bins, every item has a home. Choose from plastic or wood, our bins can easily be stacked and connected together for a semi-customized fit for your storage needs. Place versatile bins and boxes on the desk and counter or save work space by conveniently mounting to the wall. Our bins are great not only for screws, nuts and bolts in the garage, but work equally as well for craft items in the classroom and in the home. Whichever tool is right for you, be sure to shop with us to save big!

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Great Neck 16-Piece Light-Duty Office Tool Kit, 1 Kit (GRE CTB9)

Unger ErgoTec Nonslip Safety Scraper with Rubber Cover, 50 Each (UNG SR040)

Safety Klever Kutter, Utility Blade, Stainless Steel, 3 Cutters (SAN KK403)

Unger NiftyNabber Trigger Grip, 360° Head Rotation, 1 Each (UNG NT080)

GreatNeck 1-1/4" Stiff Steel Blade Putty Knife, 1 Each (GRE 15PKS)

Unger Stainless Steel Safety Scraper, Steel Handle, 50 Each (UNG SR50)

Cosco Easycut Self Retracting Cutter Blades, 10/Pack (COS091509)

Stanley Wall Mount Utility Knife Blade Dispenser w/Blades, 100/Pack (BOS11921A)

Cosco Heavy-Duty Utility Knife Blades, 10 Blades/Pack (COS091470)

Cosco Snap Blade Utility Knife Replacement Blades, 10/Pack (COS091471)

Cosco Snap-Off Retractable Knife Replacement Blade, 10 Blades (COS091473)

Deflect-o Tilt Bin Plastic Storage System w/4 Bins, Black (DEF20404OP)

X-acto #11 Blades for X-Acto Knives, Carbon Metal, 5 Blades(EPIX211)

Deflect-o Tilt Bin Plastic Storage System, 3 Bins, Black (DEF20304OP)

Deflect-o Tilt Bin Plastic Storage System with 5 Bins, Black (DEF20504OP)

Deflecto Tilt Bin Plastic Storage System w/6 Bins, Black (DEF20604OP)

X-acto #16 Bulk Pack Blades for X-Acto Knives, 100/Box (EPIX616)

X-acto SurGrip Utility Knife Blades, Rust Resistant, 100 Blades (EPIX692)

X-acto #2 Bulk Pack Blades for X-Acto Knives, 100/Box (EPIX602)

Fiskars SureCut Replacement Rotary Blade, Style S, 2/Pack (FSK01005590)

Great Neck 16-Piece Light-Duty Office Tool Kit in Metal Box, Red (GNSCTB9)

X-acto Replacement Blade for Free Form Cutting Tool & Rotary Trimmers (EPI26520)

Fiskars 12" Portable Trimmer Replacement Carriage, 2 Refills (FSK1968701001)

Great Neck 4.8V Cordless Screwdriver, 4 Bits, 200RPM (GNS80129)

X-acto #11 Bulk Pack Blades for X-Acto Knives, 500/Box (EPIX511)

X-acto #11 Bulk Pack Blades for X-Acto Knives, 100/Box (EPIX611)

Great Neck Putty Knife, 1-1/4 Blade Width, Black Handle, 1 Each (GNS15PKS)

Unger Replacement Blade for Heavy Duty Scraper, Carbon Steel, 10/Pack (UNGHDSB)

Cosco Jiffi-Cutter Utility Knife Blades, 100 Blades (COS091461)

X-acto #11 Nonrefillable Blade Dispenser, 15 Carbon Blades (EPIX411)

Sheffield Single Edge Safety Blades for Safety Scrapers, 10 Blades (GNS12854)

Unger Replacement Blades for Short Handle 4" Scraper, 10/Pack (UNGRB10C)

X-acto Z Series #11 Replacement Blades, 5 per Pack (EPIXZ211W)

Unger ErgoTec Safety Scraper with Rubber Cover, 1-1/2" Blade (UNGSR040)

Unger Safety Scraper Replacement Blades, #9, Stainless Steel, 1 Pack (UNGSRB10)

Stanley Tools Standard Single-Edge Razor Blades, #9 Blade (BOS11515)

Stanley Tools Regular-Duty Utility-Knife Blades, 100 Blades (BOS11911A)

Stanley Tools Rounded-Point Utility-Knife Blades, 5/Pk (BOS11987)

Stanley Tools Stiff Nylon Handle Putty Knife, 2" Steel Blade (BOS28142)

Irwin Utility Knife Replacement Blades, Straight Edge, 100 Blades (IRW2083200)

Red Devil Single-Edge Razor Blades, Steel, 100 Blades (RDL3272)

Red Devil Stiff Putty Knife, 1-1/2" Wide, Steel, Nylon Handle (RDL4203)

Red Devil Putty Knife, 2" Wide, Steel, Stiff, 1 Each (RDL4205)

Red Devil 4700 Series Putty/Spackling Knife, 1-1/4" (RDL4701)

Ampco Safety Tools Putty Knife, 2" x 4" Blade, 7 1/2" Long (AMOK20)

Genuine Joe Tool Kit, Carbon Steel, 8"x7"x 7", Gray, 42 Pieces (GJO11963)

Genuine Joe 3-Piece Locking Pliers Set, Carbon Steel, 1 Each (GJO11965)

Genuine Joe Tool Kit, 9PC, Pliers, Black/Silver, 1 Kit (GJO11966)

Stanley Tools Quick-Point Replacement Blade, 9mm, 3/Pack (BOS11300)

Sterling Multi-Purpose Sandpaper Set, 25/Pack (KOLE-AB006)

Sterling Wood handle paint brush set, 24/Pack (KOLE-AB033)

Sterling Precision screwdriver set, 12/Pack (KOLE-AB074)

Sterling Sandpaper Value Pack, 24/Pack (KOLE-AB081)

Sterling Tape measure with level, 24/Pack (KOLE-AC027)

Sterling Retractable metal utility knife, 24/Pack (KOLE-CT041)

Bulk Buys Classic 14 LED Hurricane Lantern w/ Dimmer Switch, 1/Pack (KOLE-FD002)

Bulk Buys LED Camouflage Hurricane Lantern, 1/Pack (KOLE-FD005)

Bulk Buys 1pc red padlock, 12/Pack (KOLE-GC748)

Bulk Buys Stubby Philips and Slotted Screwdriver Set, 12/Pack (KOLE-GC795)

Bulk Buys Flashing LED stick, 20/Pack (KOLE-GL329)

Bulk Buys Durable Mini Flashlight Counter Top Display, 24/Pack (KOLE-GM754)

Bulk Buys 3 Watt USB Flexlight, 12/Pack (KOLE-GM762)

Bulk Buys LED camping lamp, 6/Pack (KOLE-HA115)

Bulk Buys Dual Blade Package Opener, 25/Pack (KOLE-HA270)

Sterling Heavy duty level with ruler, 8/Pack (KOLE-HB305)

Sterling Paint Brush Set, 10/Pack (KOLE-HB503)

Sterling Retractable Utility Knife, 24/Pack (KOLE-HB525)

Bulk Buys 2 inch c clamp, 12/Pack (KOLE-HB809)

Bulk Buys Screwdriver Set, 12/Pack (KOLE-HC206)

Bulk Buys Nail and Tack Lifter, 12/Pack (KOLE-HC207)

Bulk Buys Tape Measure, 24/Pack (KOLE-HC209)

Sterling Luggage locks with keys, 24/Pack (KOLE-LL003)

Sterling 25MM Solid brass padlock, 24/Pack (KOLE-LL011)

Sterling Long Shank Brass Padlock with Keys, 24/Pack (KOLE-LL014)

Sterling Iron Long Shackle Padlock with 3 Keys, 24/Pack (KOLE-LL200)

Sterling Industrial Spring Clamp, 24/Pack (KOLE-MA009)

Sterling 6 In 1 Screwdriver Set, 24/Pack (KOLE-MA036)

Sterling Precision screwdriver set with box, 24/Pack (KOLE-MA047)

Sterling 9 Inch torpedo level, 24/Pack (KOLE-ML027)

Bulk Buys Deluxe wire brush set, 24/Pack (KOLE-ML028)

Sterling Paint Roller Refills, 24/Pack (KOLE-ML101)

Sterling Paintbrush Counter Top Display, 120/Case (KOLE-ML210)

Sterling Safety Scraper Set with Extra Blades, 24/Pack (KOLE-MM009)

Sterling Scraper & Putty Knife Set, 24/Pack (KOLE-MM032)

Sterling 4 Pack deluxe paint brushes, 24/Pack (KOLE-MM038)

Sterling Drain cleaner, 27/Pack (KOLE-MM042)

Sterling Wire Bristle Brush, 24/Pack (KOLE-MP060)

Sterling Steel File Assortment, 24/Pack (KOLE-MR116)

Sterling 4 In 1 Screwdriver Set, 24/Pack (KOLE-MS017)

Sterling Wood drill bits, 24/Pack (KOLE-MS019)

Sterling Deluxe Paint Brush, 24/Pack (KOLE-MS087)

Sterling Foam Paint Brush Set, 24/Pack (KOLE-MS092)

Sterling 12 Inch flathead screwdriver, 24/Pack (KOLE-MT002)

Bulk Buys Long Phillips screwdriver, 24/Pack (KOLE-MT003)

Sterling Utility knife blades, 24/Pack (KOLE-MT007)

Sterling Razor Blades, 24/Pack (KOLE-MT008)

Sterling Sliding Window Locks, 24/Pack (KOLE-MT042)

Sterling 4 Pack putty knife set, 24/Pack (KOLE-MT046)

Sterling Carton Cutter with Extra Blades, 24/Pack (KOLE-MT054)

Sterling Chalk Line Reel, 24/Pack (KOLE-MT057)

Sterling 3 Piece paint set, 24/Pack (KOLE-MT066)

Sterling SAE Hex Key Set, 24/Pack (KOLE-MT087)

Sterling 2 in 1 screwdriver set, 24/Pack (KOLE-MT094)

Sterling Safety Scraper, 24/Pack (KOLE-MT153)

Sterling Precision Screwdriver Set, 24/Pack (KOLE-MT170)

Sterling Tape Measure with Rubber Outer Grip, 24/Pack (KOLE-MT189)

Sterling Industrial Stainless Steel Tweezers, 24/Pack (KOLE-MT313)

Sterling Mini Razor Scrapers, 24 Scraper (KOLE-MT327)

Sterling Carbon Steel Hacksaw Blades, 24/Pack (KOLE-MT386)

Sterling 4-in-1 Precision pocket screwdriver, 24/Pack (KOLE-MT432)

Bulk Buys 4 piece screwdriver set, 24/Pack (KOLE-MT464)

Sterling Scraper Set, 8/Pack (KOLE-MT474)

Bulk Buys Spring clamps, 24/Pack (KOLE-MT476)

Sterling Wire Brush Set, 10/Pack (KOLE-MT479)

Bulk Buys Easy reach grabber tool, 24/Pack (KOLE-MT550)

Sterling Illuminating precision phillips screwdriver, 24/Pack (KOLE-MT581)

Bulk Buys Illuminating precision phillips screwdriver, 24/Pack (KOLE-MT582)

Sterling Slotted screwdriver, 12/Pack (KOLE-MT584)

Bulk Buys Flashlight Toolbox, 1/Pack (KOLE-OA258)

As Seen On Tv Laser Guided Level, 6/Pack (KOLE-OA584)

Sterling 50mm Heavy duty padlock, 8/Pack (KOLE-OB369)

Sterling Deluxe Disc Padlock, 4/Pack (KOLE-OB409)

Bulk Buys Dual-Powered LED Lantern, 1/Pack (KOLE-OB560)

Bulk Buys Tripod Flashlight with 9 LEDs, 4/Pack (KOLE-OB562)

Bulk Buys Tripod LED Flashlight, 1/Pack (KOLE-OB569)

Bulk Buys Bike Combination Cable Lock, 12/Pack (KOLE-OB581)

Sterling Heavy duty plastic level, 6/Pack (KOLE-OB582)

Sterling Steel Hacksaw with Contoured Handle, 8/Pack (KOLE-OB583)

Sterling Tool bag with pouches, 6/Pack (KOLE-OB584)

Bulk Buys Flexible Shaft Screwdriver Set, 6/Pack (KOLE-OB600)

Sterling Multi-Purpose Utility Knife Set, 4/Pack (KOLE-OB766)

Sterling 12" Screwdriver Set, 8/Pack (KOLE-OB819)

Bulk Buys LED Camping Lantern, 1/Pack (KOLE-OB822)

Bulk Buys LED Camping Tower Lantern, 1/Pack (KOLE-OB823)

Bulk Buys 27 LED Worklight Countertop Display, 36/Case (KOLE-OB855)

Bulk Buys Bright 7 LED Head Lamp, 5/Pack (KOLE-OB876)

Bulk Buys Carton Cutter Set, 12/Pack (KOLE-OB901)

Bulk Buys Hacksaw Set, 8/Pack (KOLE-OB902)

Bulk Buys Handsaw With Ergonomic Handle, 5/Pack (KOLE-OB927)

Sterling Hex Key Set, 8/Pack (KOLE-OB928)

Bulk Buys Mini Camping Lantern Countertop Display, 6/Case (KOLE-OB955)

Bulk Buys 3-Piece LED Touch Lantern Garden Lights, 1/Pack (KOLE-OB956)

Bulk Buys Mini Camping Lanterns Countertop Display, 6/Case (KOLE-OB957)

Bulk Buys LED Mini Flashlight Countertop Display, 12/Case (KOLE-OC134)

Bulk Buys Steel Wire Brush, 12/Pack (KOLE-OC168)

Bulk Buys Electrical Tool Kit, 1/Pack (KOLE-OC179)

Bulk Buys Precision Tool Set, 1/Pack (KOLE-OC180)

Bulk Buys Basic Tool Set, 1/Pack (KOLE-OC181)

Bulk Buys Curved Handsaw, 6/Pack (KOLE-OC182)

Bulk Buys Multi Purpose Pocket Tool, 24/Case (KOLE-OC185)

Bulk Buys Combination Cable Lock, 4/Pack (KOLE-OC189)

Bulk Buys Pick-Up & Reaching Tool, 4/Pack (KOLE-OC235)

Bulk Buys Bike Chain Lock, 4/Pack (KOLE-OC243)

Bulk Buys Foldable Chair With Compartments, 1/Pack (KOLE-OC307)

Bulk Buys 5 inch pocket knife w/belt clip (2 in. mixed serrated blade), 4/Pack (KOLE-PK011)

Bulk Buys 6 inch black pocket knife (2.5 in. mixed serrated blade), 4/Pack (KOLE-PK012)

Bulk Buys 5 Function Pocket Knife, 24/Pack (KOLE-PK014)

Sterling Rubber mallet, 20/Pack (KOLE-ST015)

Bulk Buys 2 1/2" paint brush, 12/Pack (KOLE-UU589)

Bulk Buys Paint brush value pack, 12/Pack (KOLE-UU591)

Bulk Buys Paint roller kit, 6 pieces, 4/Pack (KOLE-UU595)

Bulk Buys Deck board spacers, pack of 3, 6/Pack (KOLE-UU622)

Stanley Utility Knife, Retractable Blade & Twine Cutter, 6 Knives (BOS10499BX)

San Jamar Klever Kutter Safety Cutter, 1 Razor Blade, Red (SJMKK403)

Unger Nifty Nabber Trigger-Grip Extension Arm, 32in, Aluminum/Green (UNGNT080)

Storex Storage Bins, 4 Gallon, Assorted Color, Plastic (STX61514U06C)

Storex Interlocking Book Bins, 4 3/4 x 12 5/8 x 7, 5 Color Set (STX70105U06C)

Impact Products Stiff Putty Knife, Stainless Steel, 1 Each (IMP3316)

Tolco 3" Putty Knife, Carbon Steel, Black/Silver, 24/Carton (TOC280107)

PHC Replacement Blades,F/S4/S3 Safety Cutter,100/BX, SR (PHCSP017)

Slice Ceramic Rounded Tip Replacement Blades, Dual-Sided, 4 Blades (SLI10404)

Slice Auto-Retract Ceramic Blade Box Cutter, 6.7"L, Gray/Green, Each (SLI10503)

Slice Ceramic Straight Edge Craft Blades, Rounded Tip, 4 Blades (SLI10518)

Slice Ceramic Utility Blades, Rounded Tip, Dual-Sided, 2.4", 2 Blades (SLI10524)

Slice Ceramic Utility Blades, Rounded Tip, Dual-Sided, 2.6", 3 Blades (SLI10526)

Slice Ceramic Utility Blades, Pointed Tip, Dual-Sided, 2.6", 3 Blades (SLI10528)

Impact Products Single Edge 4" Scraper Blades, Silver, 100 Blades (IMP3410B)

Impact Products Single Edge 4" Scraper Blades, Silver, 5000 Blades (IMP3410BCT)