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Reception Furniture - Chairs, Tables and Seating

Let help make your reception area, waiting room, lobby or lounge  comfortable and stylish with our selection of reception seating and sofas. Comfort meets luxury with our collection of black leather sofas and loveseats that are tasteful for any reception area decor. With beautiful black leather and matching black wooden legs, each sofa and loveseat available at offers classic, simple lines that are ideal for use in any lounge configuration. Impress guests and clients with sophisticated and appealing reception area seating, and do it at wholesale pricing for a rich style without a rich cost! offers fast, reliable shipping that's free on large orders over $999 so check out all of our great products for your office and reception areas. With you can avoid the hassle of shopping around. We offer the convenience of online shopping and furniture delivered right to your door without ever leaving the comfort of your own home. Shop for all of your reception seating and sofa's and start saving time and money today!

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Alera Reception Lounge Series Club Chair, Black/Black Leather (ALERL23LS10B)

Alera Reception Lounge Furniture, 3-Cushion Sofa, 77w x 31-1/2d x 32h, Black (ALERL21LS10B)

Alera 2-Cushion Loveseat, 55-1/2w x 31-1/2d x 32h, Black (ALERL22LS10B)

Lorell Reception Loveseat, 55"x34-1/2"x31-1/4", Black Leather (LLR68951)

Alera Reception Lounge Series Guest Chair, Cherry/Black Leather (ALERL4319C)

Alera Reception Lounge Series Armless Cube Chair, Black/Silver (ALERL8319CS)

Alera Reception Lounge Series Cube Ottoman, Black/Silver (ALERL8319CSM)

Alera Reception Lounge Series Wood Loveseat, Black/Mahogany (ALERL2219M)

Alera Reception Lounge Series Guest Chair, Mahogany/Tan Fabric (ALERL4351M)

Alera WE Series Collaboration Circle Bench, 18" dia x 18"h, Beige (ALEWE34BG)

Alera WE Series Seating, Arc Bench, 38-3/8 x 21 x 18, Chestnut (ALEWE36CH)

Basyx VL888 Series Reception Seating Sofa, 67 x 28 x 30 1/2, Black SofThread™ Leather (BSXVL888SB11)

Hon Lota Series Guest Side Chair, Fabric/Mesh, Black, Each (HON2285VA10)

Alera Reception Lounge Series Guest Chair, Espresso/Black Leather (ALERL4319E)

Alera QUB Series Corner Sectional, 26 3/8 x 26 3/8 x 30 1/2, Black (ALEQB8016)

Alera QUB Series Armless L Sectional, Black, Each (ALEQB8116)

Alera QUB Series Powered Armless L Sectional, Black (ALEQB8116P)

Alera QUB Series Ottoman, 26-3/8 x 21-1/2 x 17-1/2, Black (ALEQB8216)

Alera Reception Bench, 65 3/4 x 22 1/4 x 22 7/8, Black/Mahogany (ALERL2419M)

Alera WE Collaboration Rectangle Bench, 36 x 18 x 18, Chestnut (ALEWE37CH)

Basyx VL860 Series Lunge Ottoman, Black, 1 Each (BSXVL862SB11)

Basyx VL860 Series Modular Chair (BSXVL864SB11)

Basyx VL870 Series Leather Reception Two-Cushion Loveseat, 53 1/2 x 28 3/4 x 32, Black (BSXVL872SB11)

Basyx VL870 Series Leather Reception Three-Cushion Sofa, Black (BSXVL873SB11)

Alera QUB Series Powered Armrest Wedge, Outlet - 2 USB Ports, Black (ALEQB8316)

Lorell Corner Table, Walnut Melamine Finish, 1 Each (LLR61626)

Lorell Reception Sofa, 1 Each (LLR68946)

Lorell Loveseat Sofa, 1 Each (LLR68947)

Lorell Reception Seating, 1 Each (LLR68949)

Lorell Corner Connector, 1 Each (LLR86915)

Lorell Modular Lounge Connector, Lam Top, 57-1/2"X29-1/2"X18", Black (LLR86921)

Lorell Adder Arm, F/Fuze Modular, W/Usb Ports, 10"X28"X30",Bk, 1 Each (LLR86923)

Alera Reception Lounge WL 3-Seat Sofa, Black/Mahogany (ALERL2319M)

Alera Reception Lounge Series Guest Chair, Walnut/Black Leather (ALERL4319W)

Linea Italia Trento Line L-Shaped Desk, 59 1/8w x 59 1/8d x 29 1/2h, Cherry (LITTR737CH)

Lorell Loveseat, Lumbar Support, 19-3/4"Wx53-1/10"Lx32-3/4"H, Bk/Nl (LLR68959)

Lorell Lumbar Support Sofa, 73-1/4 x 19-3/4 x 32-3/4, Black/Natural (LLR68960)

Lorell Loveseat, Lumbar Support, 53-1/10"Wx19-3/4"Lx32-3/4"H, Gy/Nl (LLR68962)

Lorell Sofa, Lumbar Support, 73-1/4"Wx19-3/4"Lx32-3/4"H, Gy/Nl (LLR68963)

Lorell Table, Accent, 15-3/4"Wx15-3/4"Lx24-3/5"H, Charcoal (LLR86924)

Lorell Table, Accent, 15-3/4"Wx15-3/4"Lx24-3/5"H, Mahogany (LLR86925)

Lorell Table, Accent, 15-3/4"Wx15-3/4"Lx24-3/5"H, White (LLR86926)

Hon Traction Guest Chair, Black Seat, Supports up to 250 lbs, (HONVL102SB11)

Lorell Sofa, Single Seat, Polyurethane, 25-1/2"X25-1/2"X19-5/8", Bk (LLR86929)

Lorell Sofa Seat, No Back, 25-1/2"X25-1/2"X7-7/8", Black (LLR86930)

Lorell Armrest, F/Sofas, 4-3/4"X25-1/2"X13-3/8", Black (LLR86931)

Lorell Sectional Base,Single,Metal,4-1/2"X9-3/4"X1-1/2",4/St,Gy (LLR86932)

Lorell Sectional Base, Adj, Metal, 47-7/8"X22-7/8"X9-3/4", Gray (LLR86933)

Lorell Tabletop Sectional, 25-1/4"X25-1/2"X6-5/8", Mahogany (LLR86934)

Lorell Tabletop Sectional, 25-1/4"X25-1/2"X6-5/8", Charcoal (LLR86935)