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A store brand may be considered generic, yet there is nothing common or standard about our CleanIt line of products. Try our products just once and you will see that the brand of supplies are anything but basic. Dependable, durable, and always affordable, the CleanIt brand of supplies are just as good, if not better than, the national brand names. Why? Because of the name printed on the label, we are able to offer our top quality products to our customers at rock-bottom prices.

No one wants to purchase an inferior product. Here at you will never have to sacrifice quality for affordability, and you never should. What good is a lower priced trash bag if the contents spill all over the floor? Why would anyone want to use a lesser performing toilet paper just to save a few cents? You wouldn’t and you definitely shouldn’t. Demand the best at the lowest prices out there. Never settle for anything less. We would not and neither should you.

What is a urine deflector?

A urine deflector is designed for those who need to sit to urinate. It is a quick and easy to use product that proactively prevents embarrassing accidents by bridging the gap between the seat and the toilet bowl with no mess. A urine deflector is easy to install and replace. It is a disposable, sanitary option and can easily be used by anyone. The urine deflector simply attaches to the toilet seat and is totally hidden when the toilet seat is down. The unique design looks sleek, as if it is part of the toilet seat. Parents training toddlers to use the toilet, arthritic patients, the elderly, and both mentally and physically handicapped persons all could benefit from a urine deflector by helping direct urine flow into the toilet bowl and away from your clothing and off the bathroom floor keeping the bathroom clean and fresh.

How much toilet paper do you use in a year?

According to, the average individual utilizes around 30 toilet paper rolls annually. On average, Americans use about 50 pounds annually or 57 squares of toilet tissue every day.  In a family of four people, it is expected that 119 rolls of the special commodity are consumed every year. Since the first toilet paper roll was sold by Scott Paper Company about 1890, it took about 30 years for the product to be famous before the company became the top world supplier of toilet paper. The toilet paper sale was pioneered by the United States and has always been sold in distinct sizes with some much gentler than others while the cost of the tissue paper varies from one brand to the next. About six billion dollars’ worth of toilet paper every year are consumed in the United States and surpasses any other country across the face of the world. The average consumption of toilet paper across the global stands at about 20,000 sheets or 100 rolls every year. Toilet paper production per day stands at about 84 million rolls.

Why should I use white garbage bags?

White trash bags are the most commonly purchased because they are the most common color in household consumer use garbage bags. White trash bags look neat and clean in kitchen, bathroom, or office trash cans because they match all decor and white is a clean, fresh color. The white liners hanging in various trashcans throughout the home or office do not look “industrial” like green or black trash bags do. White is also more eco-friendly than the other colors, such as green, black, red, or blue. One reason for this is because white bags do not use black dyes or green or blue colors in the making of the bags. They are also more eco-friendly because without the dark color on the outside of the bag, the white garbage bags are translucent, making it easy to see how much trash is actually in the bag. So, you don’t overuse or under use the garbage bags. In addition, with the semi-see-through white color, you can also see if a recyclable material was put in the wrong garbage can and put such items in the proper container for recycling. White garbage bags are also thinner, using less plastic in production.

When should I use black trash bags?

One major advantage of using black trash bags over a white or clear bag is an obvious one – you can’t see through it. Along the same lines of concealing your garbage from curious by passers, you are also keeping the contents of your garbage hidden from curious animals looking for something to snack on. Generally speaking, black can liners come in a larger size which is perfectly suited for use in areas that collect a large amount of garbage. Therefore, it makes sense that places like restaurants and cafeterias would utilize black trash bags in their facilities. Garbage also has a tendency to not look as messy in black trash bags, as well. There has been a recent movement by some garbage bag manufacturers to start producing black trash bags made solely for residential kitchens. The reasoning being, for one, that trash looks better in black bags. Two, with more and more people buying black and stainless steel trash cans, they like the look of a black bag with those cans. Clearly, aesthetics are playing a big part in people’s decisions to use black bags for their garbage cans. Black trash bags come in a variety of sizes, strengths, densities and puncture resistance. Regardless of the size, capacity or puncture resistance, black trash bags are becoming more of a norm than an oddity in almost every location.

Our CleanIt line of products and supplies go through vigorous testing to ensure our customers are getting the very best quality at the least expensive price obtainable. We actually do use our own products so we know firsthand how reliable our products really are or we would never even consider putting our good name on them and placing our respectable reputation on the line if these products are not entirely worthy of it. Guess what? They are worth it. We are offering to our customers highly effective products at low prices, that’s it. These are the very same products that you are paying a higher price for – not for quality, but solely for the brand name. Advertisements are expensive and the national brands need to pay for the ads in some way. What they do is jack up their prices and make customers think they are receiving a premium product in return when in reality this is not so. We are offering those exact products at a less expensive price simply because of the name on the label. will not let you down. Are you ready to switch to a top quality product at a less expensive price? If so, congratulations, you have finally arrived. Shop for the CleanIt brand of garbage bags, toilet paper and so much more to start saving big today. You will be so glad you did!

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CLEANIT Standard 2-Ply Toilet Paper, 96 Rolls/Carton (CIS2PLY96)

CLEANIT Standard 2-Ply Toilet Paper, 20 Carton Pallet (CIS2PLY96PLT)

PGuard Urine Deflector Pee Splash Guard, Fresh Scent, Each (CISPGUARD1)

CLEANIT PGuard - Toilet Seat Urine Deflector, 3 Pack (CISPGUARD3)

CLEANIT PGuard - Toilet Seat Urine Deflector, 6 Pack (CISPGUARD6)

CLEANIT PGuard - Toilet Seat Urine Deflector, 24 Pack (CISPGUARD24)

CLEANIT 16 Gallon White Can Liners, 24x32, 0.4mil, 500 Bags (CIS2432EXH)

CLEANIT 33 Gallon Black Garbage Bags, 33x39, 1.2mil, 100 Bags (CIS516)

CLEANIT 45 Gallon Black Garbage Bags, 40x46, 1.2mil, 100 Bags (CIS517)

CLEANIT 60 Gallon Black Garbage Bags, 38x58, 1.2mil, 100 Bags (CIS519)

CLEANIT 60 Gallon Black Garbage Bags, 38x58, 1.6mil, 100 Bags (CIS523)

CLEANIT 13 Gallon Tall Kitchen Drawstring Garbage Bags, 200 Bags (CIS24279)

CLEANIT 42 Gallon Black Contractor Bags, 33x48, 3mil, 50 Bags (CIS33483)

CLEANIT Standard 2-Ply Toilet Paper, 7 Carton Bundle (CIS2PLY96BDL)

CLEANIT PGuard - Toilet Seat Urine Deflector, 3 Pack (CIS-PGUARD3)

CLEANIT PRO Professional Grade Window & Glass Cleaner, 12 Quarts (CIS2GC12)

CLEANIT PRO Professional Grade Window & Glass Cleaner, 1 Quart (CIS2GC12-1Q)

CLEANIT PRO Professional Grade Window & Glass Cleaner, 4 Gallons (CIS2GC14)

CLEANIT PRO Professional Grade Window & Glass Cleaner, 1 Gallon (CIS2GC14-1G)

CLEANIT PRO Professional Grade Toilet Bowl Cleaner, 12 Quarts (CIS2TB12)

CLEANIT PRO Professional Grade Toilet Bowl Cleaner, 1 Quart (CIS2TB12-1Q)

PGuard PRO New & Improved Flexible Urine Deflector Splash Guard (CISPGUARDPRO1)

CLEANIT PRO Premium Liquid Antimicrobial Hand Soap, Gallon, 4 Bottles (CIS2PS14)

PGuard PRO New & Improved Flexible Urine Deflector Splash Guard (CISPGUARDPRO10)

CleanIt 12oz Lavender Liquid Hand Soap – Boston Round Bottle, Pump, 6/Carton (CISHSLV12RCT)

CLEANIT PRO 12 oz Pump Liquid Hand Soap, Lemon Blossom, 6 Bottles (CISHSLB12RCT)

CLEANIT PRO 8 oz Pump Liquid Hand Soap, Lemon Blossom, 6 Bottles (CISHSLB8RCT)

CLEANIT PRO 12 oz Pump Foam Hand Soap, Lemon Blossom, 6 Bottles (CISHSLB12OCT)

PGuard PRO New & Improved Flexible Urine Deflector Splash Guard, 3 Pack (CISPGUARDPRO3)

P Guard Urine Deflector Pro, Pee Guard Splash Shield (CISPGUARDPROV2)

P Guard Urine Deflector Pro 3pk, Pee Guard Splash Shield (CISPGUARDPROV2-3PK)

PGuard Urine Deflector Splash Guard Twin Pack (CISPGUARDTWINPK)

CLEANIT Standard 2-Ply Toilet Paper, 810 Carton Truckload (CIS2PLY96TRK)

Park Place Professional Premium 2-Ply Toilet Paper, 24 Rolls (SUVPRKVBT24)

Park Place Professional Premium 2-Ply Toilet Paper, 96 Rolls (SUVPRKVBT24x4)