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Where is your bottled water from? If you are drinking Crystal Geyser Alpine Spring Water then you know EXACTLY where your water came from. Crystal Geyser’s spring water is just that: 100% fresh, clean, pure flowing water from authentic natural springs. Crystal Geyser Alpine Spring Water is actually bottled at the source. This means that when you take a sip of Crystal Geyser bottled water and taste delicious, refreshing, pure water, it is because it is as natural as water can get in a bottle.

Crystal Geyser Alpine Spring Water sources are located: in the mountains in the Cherokee National Forest in Benton, Tennessee; the Adirondack Park of Johnstown, New York; the Ossipee Mountains of Moultonborough, New Hampshire; in Mt. Shasta in Weed, California; Ouachita Mountain range of Norman, Arkansas; Olancha Peak in the Sierra Nevada Mountains, Olancha, California; as well as the Blue Ridge Mountains in Salem, South Carolina. You will not find filtered tap water in these bottles! This is pure liquid nature in a bottle, the very elixir of good health, fresh, clean and untouched just as Mother Nature intended.

Crystal Geyser Alpine Spring Water is the only major U.S. bottled water that is captured directly at real, naturally occurring, authentic springs. They are the most environmentally conscious/low carbon footprint bottled water company in the world! Their water bottles are made with at least 50% recycled PET – the lowest PET content of any made. Their ongoing commitment to the environment does not end there. Strongly committed to close the ecosystem sustainability loop, Crystal Geyser Alpine Spring Water bottles will soon be manufactured with 100% recycled PET!

Crystal Geyser Alpine Spring Water’s new rPET plant is the very first one built by a beverage company of any kind in the country! They accept sorted, cleaned, recycled flakes of plastic from a recycling partner, which they then transform into pellets, perform further purity checks, and ship them to their bottling plants. Those bottling plants then blow mold new bottles for Crystal Geyser Alpine Spring Water and are, therefore, one step closer to a full circle where the biosphere and people can coexist in a more ecological balance.

Crystal Geyser Alpine Spring Water started their company back in 1990 to do one thing, and one thing only—bottle fresh, pristine, delicious spring water directly at its source. Since then, nothing has changed. It is exactly the same today and this is what separates Crystal Geyser from every other U.S. bottled water company. As a completely vertically integrated, independent, family-owned company, they have been able to do the right thing, their way, every step of the way. With no “big brother” corporate involvement, the company is free to fulfill their philosophy of bottling pure spring water at its source while protecting the natural surroundings, environments and habitats of every one of their seven spring water sources. This is a company that is doing it right. One sip of Crystal Geyser Alpine Spring Water pretty much says it all.
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