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Binney And Smith / Crayola

Crayola represents creative fun to children everywhere. Since 1903, Crayola has been a color company. During the last century, Crayola has grown beyond its founders’ wildest dreams. The company has inspired artistic creativity in children for more than 100 years. When cousins Edwin Binney and C. Harold Smith took over Edwin's father's pigment business in 1885, early products included red oxide pigment used as barn paint and carbon black used in car tires. The cousins noticed a need for safe, high quality, affordable wax crayons, so Crayola produced the first box of eight crayons and sold them for 5 cents back in 1903.

Since then, the Crayola brand has grown into a portfolio of innovative art tools, crafting activities, and creative toys that give kids the power to express all that inspires them as they explore, discover, play, pretend, and dream. By applying technical innovation, unparalleled quality, consumer satisfaction and product value, Crayola has become the preeminent producer of hands-on products for creative personal development and fun. Crayola is passionate about helping parents and educators raise creatively alive children who we believe will grow to be inspired, original adults.

The Crayola brand essence clearly defines what Crayola means to our consumers, our customers, our suppliers, and ourselves.
We believe that “What if?” is the greatest question in the world, a question that makes the impossible permissible.  It’s also a question that helps Crayolians think more like kids – our #1 consumer.

At Crayola, their purpose is to help parents and educators raise creatively-alive kids, believing that they can help unleash the originality in every child. Crayola believes that before a life can be filled with knowledge, wisdom, and accomplishment, it must be filled with wonder, adventure, and daydreams. Before children can learn to think for themselves they must first be free to express what they are thinking. Crayola believes in unleashing, nurturing, and celebrating the colorful originality in every child and offering the tools that inspire kids to express what they’re thinking. Crayola products strive to give colorful wings to the invisible things that grow in the hearts and minds of children. They offer colors that inspire and tools that transform original thoughts into visible form and it is a thing of pure beauty.

Why do all of this? Crayola believes creatively-alive kids blossom and grow to be inspired, original adults who, in turn, have the ability to inspire the world. Inspire the children in your life with an assortment of top quality Crayola brand products and supplies offered right here at low, wholesale prices. Shop our online warehouse superstore to save big today!
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