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It has been a nice experience working with you this year. Thank you so much for the low prices and free shipping discounts. It really helps out for a small business owner as myself to know that there are suppliers out there that care enough to help smaller companies keep there doors open. Again thank you for a wonderful year and this great offer. I look forward to working with you for years to come.

Have a safe and Happy Holiday Season!


Just wanted to let you know that I received the items I ordered today and I could not be MORE pleased! You guys did an excellent job. I had no clue I would have my items in a little over 24 hours. I will be shopping with you guys indefinitely!!

Thanks so much!!


I placed my order after 7 p.m. and received it less than 36 hrs later. That’s amazing. I paid $24 a 50 ct box of printer transparencies that were $69 for a 50 ct box at Staples. It’s like I got two boxes free! I am a customer for life and will tell all my friends about you.

Thank you.


I am actually getting ready to place another quite large order with you guys. It's the end of the year for us and we will be using some end of the year funds to restock our supplies.

Just so you know - everyone I have dealt with at CleanItSupply has been more than helpful, which is why I choose to continue to come back to you guys. You have really good pricing, quick delivery and the customer service has been outstanding.


I was having a problem with my browser going from cart to payment and decided to click on the online chat for help. Got the owner (!) who subsequently called me and resolved the issue for me. This was all after normal business hours. Just WOW!


Customer service,

I would like to pass along my thanks to the representative I spoke with today. Unfortunately I was unable to clearly hear her name. Despite a bad telephone connection, she was able to help me get my order straightened out. The order she cleared up was a set of pens to be sent to a PO Box. She politely informed me that a physical address was needed and resolved the issue professionally and quickly.


You ALL make this job fun... thank you for what you do!!!

Thank you very much, John. I will get some info to you concerning what you ask. To date your staff have been a great pleasure to work with. For the most part there have been only minor issues and they took care of it on the spot without question. I'm grateful for that service as well as competitive pricing. Thanks to your staff and the delivery service for a great job.


Dear CleanItSupply,

We just received our order today! That is amazing turnaround...Thank you! But...what I really wanted to thank you for was the remarkable customer service I received just minutes ago on the phone. Our order quantity was incorrect, so I dialed your 800 number...the call was immediately answered by a REAL PERSON that spoke very clearly and was able to assure the problem would be handled ASAP. That kind of customer service is hard to come by these days and I thought it was worth raving about. Thank you and please be assured we will put on our list of preferred vendors.


I am delighted with the Timemist refills and at such a great price. I have been ordering cases of refills from ULine that give me a headache. This is a great find for me.


Hey Cleanitsupply,

I’m sending over a quick message to let you all know how much I value your services. I truly appreciate the time you take to answer my questions, I always feel like I’ve learned a new bit of industry-insight every time I call! Your recommendations and tips have helped me establish my business. Thank you so much for all the help!


Clean Team, A few months back I ordered a variety of different products from your business. I have to say, I’ve been thrilled with the results these products delivered! Thank you so much. I’ve already told many of my friends about your company. I am certain I will be placing another order soon. Thank you once again.


Hi everyone. I wanted to let you all know that the products I purchased from your company the degreaser, cleaner, and finish all worked perfectly! Thank you for your recommendations!


This is to say thanks to everyone over at Clean It Supply. Your excellent customer support and fantastic cleaning products have really made a difference for us. Thanks again guys!


I wanted to take some time to thank you for the excellent products and service you have delivered to us. As a restaurant, it is nice for us to be able to receive cleaning products specifically made for our industry. It’s refreshing to be able to talk to customer service reps that know what they’re talking about too! Thanks again!

The Inn at Penn

I would like to thank for their expert advice. They helped us figure out what products to use and our facilities have never looked better! With their assistance, we have been able to keep our cleaning costs down substantially. Thank you for all of your help!

Christ the Teacher Catholic School

Dear Clean It,

This letter is to say thanks for the excellent customer service you provided my company with. Having a phone conversation with someone who is a true expert in the cleaning world is rare, and to give us so much free advice, well needless to say, it made an impression. Not only were the products you recommended perfect for our situation, but the prices were SO much lower than what we anticipated!


I was just on the telephone with, and wanted to share my experience. It is not often you find a company that will take the time to assist a customer through each step of the process, but that is exactly what did. The customer service representative I spoke with was friendly, helpful, and courteous, and really gave me some great advice on my cleaning situation! It is very refreshing to encounter a company that still understands how to do business the right way. I am looking forward to continuing doing business with you guys and hope others will as well.

Sun Coast

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